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Welcome to Osaka!

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan. Although some people say it is the powdered junk food, Osaka offers so many good food to enjoy, so you will definetely love your stay. Yummy!!! Have you already gotten an idea of where to stay? Well we will explain you below.

Osaka Castle

Be Aware!!! Osaka-fu or Osaka-shi?

Definition of Osaka generally has 2 meanings on address, so BE AWARE. If it just say Osaka, it usually means Osaka-fu (= Osaka prefecture). Fu means prefecture, and shi means city in Japanese. Prefecture is the wider area just like state. Osaka-fu is the area in dark green on the map shown on the right side. So if you want to stay in the city centre, you should always check the address saying Osaka-shi. Following areas are some selections in Osaka-shi.

Osaka Station

Umeda (Osaka station)

Umeda, where JR Osaka station is located, is the northern part of Osaka-city. (Please note that Shin-Osaka is a different location!) It is the biggest shopping & dining district in west part of Japan. It has many large scale shopping complex.


Minami Area (Namba and around)

Minami means south in Japanese, and the area called minami is quite wide. It includes Namba (Nanba), Doh-ton-bori, Shinsai-bashi, Honmachi, Nippon-bashi, Sen-nichi-mae etc... having many small shops for shopping and dining.

Street of Ten-noh-ji

Abeno Area (Ten-noh-ji)

Ten-noh-ji is the gateway station for southern Osaka. Its landmark building, Abeno-Harukas, is the tallest building in Japan.

Shin-Osaka Station


Shin-Osaka is where the bullet train (Shinkansen) station is located. (Please note that Osaka station is a different location!) Since the station is quite large, you will have to take a long walk to your accomodation in this area.